Getting Motivated Seller Leads

If you want to close more deals, you MUST generate more motivated seller leads. It’s that simple. If you are not closing the number of deals you want to do per month, it’s because you are not generating enough leads.

Figure that you need 20-25 leads for every deal. Let’s assume that you want to close 2 deals a month, then you need to be generating 40-50 leads a month.

How do you generate more leads? Ron LeGrand has perfected an automated method which will generate more leads than you can handle every month so you can actually function like a business!

Check out the information at . Your leads will be pre-qualified and ready for you to set appointments for closing deals!

No need for all the grunt work of calling leads when Ron’s virtual assistants do it for you! Stop being bogged down with tasks that should be delegated to others while you focus on making more money for your business and your family!



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